Welcome to my online haven, where I journal my conversations with God. In my letters, I talk as I do with my father questioning and sometimes challenging Him on all aspects of life; be it work, wellness, social, learning and spiritual needs and also thank Him on occurrences that I am interpreting to be His answers.

I believe everyone should strive to maintain a healthy life in the midst of today’s hectic pace and cultural pull from godly principles. Also, to understand that in order to attain this victorious life, I have to live the truth based on my faith.

We are created to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, with that in mind, I try to live my life by principles which reflect my faith. I believe it can all be roped together by blending some traditional values with modernity, without compromising one’s belief; hence cooking up the best of life’s recipe.

So browse, ask questions, share opinions , lets uplift, encourage and if required, challenge each other’s experiences as you travel with me on this journey.